Autocad Library for Projects: Reid Community Development Corporation



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Autocad Library for Projects: Alfred Street Baptist Church

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Autocad Library for Mount Rainer Artist Studio

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Autocad Library for EBLO

EBLO _Interior Plans

Autocad Library for D.C. Council of Arts(Engineering)

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Alfred Street Baptist Church – Facility Renovation_Construction

Renovation project for Alfred Street Baptist Church which was completed in 2012 for updating restrooms of the existing historic church facility.  These photos show the before and after construction for the transformation of the new restrooms.  All of the public religous facility followed ADA compliance and added to the continued certification under LEED which the church has been certified.

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Yoga Studio Concept- Hyattsville, MD

In the re-development of Hyattsville, MD which is now called  the Arts District of Hyattsville .  The new emergence of  art studios, resturants, beauty salons and multi-family apartment housing which now becomes part of the landscape.  In one of my conceptural Interior Tenant fit-out projects for a local client opening a new yoga studio around the corner near the train station.  The number of square footage of the existing space is 2000 sq ft for the second floor of the existing brick building.  The space has several windows to bring in daylighting  and wanted to use eco-friendly products that will last.  The series of photos are part of a presentation to this client of how making the space open, functional and branding the  name of the new studio.


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Other examples of this Interior Tenant fit-out is shown in the set of construction documents for this project.  The construction document drawings where developed by using Revit Architecture.


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Mt. Rainer Bank- Artist Studio (Historic Preservation, MNPPC)

In section near University of Maryland and Arts District of Hyattsville is a community with now is slowly being revitalized –Mount Rainer.  The Investment bank at 3800 34th Street which is now being considered for renovation to fit with the now Artist community in Mt. Rainer.  Neighborhood Design Center of Prince George’s County which has volunteers who are Architects, Interior Designers, Urban Planners and Architectural Students.   This existing bank will now be used as an artist studio and retail for the disabled.  The new owner of the property Compass Inc. which deals with rehabilitation of the disabled is looking to use the once Investment Bank as an artist studio for their patrons to display and sell their work.  The existing bank will have new paint, flooring, stairwell, elevator, and artist studio/classroom on the first floor, retail in the entry, artist studio on the second floor and accessible restrooms.   Examples of the project from the beginning stages to the final presentation drawings.


Residential Rendering Gallery_Portfolio

Residential Rendering Gallery Portfolio

4800 Block Rhode Island Avenue- Volunteer Project

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The 4800 Block of Rhode Island Avenue (Shops of Critterden) is a volunteer project sponsored by Neighborhood Design Center (Prince George’s County Affiliate). In the focus of this conceptual project to develop an existing garage to be re-used for open office space with an artist gallery and apartment studio. For the existing space furniture from Haworth and Herman Miller for the proposed Artist Studio.
The project location is at the Arts District of Hyattsville in Maryland which is on Baltimore Avenue. In the charrette sponsored by Neighborhood Design Center, participating students from University of Maryland School of Architecture was given the assignment to produce “conceptual” sketches for the existing garage and store front at the Shops at Crittterden. The charette took place at Hyattsville City Hall on February 2, 2013.
As part of the charette, existing photos were taken and preliminary sketches were produced for the exterior and interior of these spaces. In the entry that was my task for the Interior Design and space planning of the existing garage. The images that are shown are existing photos, interior design sketches, and 3D images for the proposed site location.